Bill Kazmaier– Powerlifting and Strongman Living Legend.

Improving the quality of strength training and life for competitive athletes of all levels.

Our equipment is a medium for self-improvement. Its affordability and versatility will make high-level physical training an option for everyone, even those with limited space and time. Our innovation and commitment to continuous improvement enables us to provide smart, efficient and effective training equipment of the highest quality possible.

A new company. An age-old tradition.MB_homepage

POWERCENTER products honor the age-old tradition of physical training by making it more accessible and versatile than ever before. As a young company, we fully appreciate the heritage and history of strength. The greatest honor we can pay to this tradition is to leave it better than we found it. There are innumerable benefits that can be reaped to those who respect the training process.

More than a passion … a vision.

All of us at Mike Bartos’ POWERCENTER love strength training and have a singular vision for the future. We want to see our innovative equipment and philosophies helping thousands of people in gyms, basements and garages across the world.