The Power Center “PR Platform”

The world’s best deadlift/multipurpose, PR annihilating band training platform.


PR Platform: $560

PR Platform + Russian DL Attachment: $645


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  • 5 positions – bands over bar
  • 4 positions – reverse band
  • Single front band attachments (short bands work best)
  • 7 heights for rack pulls
  • Russian Deadlift Attachment
  • Allows for “Stacked Bands” to allow large abrupt loads with multiple bands of varying heights
  • Easily target sticking points with multiple band height options
  • Ideal for isometrics against bands and pins
  • Wide base accommodates sumo and conventional deadlifters.
  • Great for rows, overhead pressing and assistance exercises.
  • Very easy to move and transport.
  • Opens up dozens of new training options for the committed lifter that has analyzed their specific weaknesses and is ready to correct them.
  • 100% American Made
  • Patent-Pending Design

This Product Ships Freight. Please be sure to add Liftgate Service for delivery if you do not have capabilities to remove from back of truck.

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